We partner with local Charities in Brazil facing financial difficulties and, together, we implement programs that will benefit the well being of impoverished families.

Holding Hands with Brazil Foundation selects its causes and charities with careful analysis and due diligence. We look for small, efficient and effective charities that maintain honesty and integrity while achieving positive results.

We are currently supporting:

Nucleo Beneficente Mirandinha


The mission of Nubem is to carry out programs in a community located at Citrolandia Betim, MG, a community that is extremely vulnerable.  Nubem focuses its work on education, the relief of poverty and medical assistance.  Their work is based on volunteers and friends who are willing to spend every Saturday of the year to support families, children and the elderly in need.

Their work is based on:

Preparation and distribution of breakfast and lunch for children, parents and the elderly in the community

– Distribute monthly food basket for families registered with Nubem

– Provide medical care and counseling in the community

– Promote religious workshop for families


Nubem assists an average of 150 people each Saturday for breakfast, lunch, and religious teaching.

– 30 families to 500 food baskets delivered per year.

– 80 children receive educational support.

– 35 families receive medical care.

– 44 families receive counseling.

– 45 pregnant women receive “maternity kit” (milk, diapers, baby clothes and medical assistance).

Registered under CNPJ  #08.068.822/0001-16
Rua Geraldo Jose Vieira, 35 Bairro Alto Boa Vista, Citrolandia, Betim, Minas Gerais 
Phone: 031- 99615-7989
E-mail: nubempaz@gmail.com


Semeando o Amanhã


The Mission of Semeando o Amanhã is to assist young people exposed to social risks. The program focuses on sports, music, and dance as well as educational assistance, offering free training for children ages 4 to 17 years old.  Semeando offers them a variety of programs aimed at fighting poverty, promoting ethics, peace, and citizenship. They also provide counseling and medical care for families and children who have been assisted in their sports program.

Their work is based on:

– Educational improvement – reading clubs, English classes, tutoring, music classes, and art classes using recycled materials.

– Sports – soccer, ballet, capoeira.

– Social – field trips for educational purposes.


– 50 children and adolescents

Registered under CNPJ #18.119.913/0001-97
Rua Ministro Mavignier, 107, Del Castilho, 
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Phone: 021-3148-6366 / 021-97621-6652
E-mail:  glenealencar@hotmail.com


Instituto Canto de Luz


Instituto Canto de Luz, founded in 2000, now assists 140 children from ages 2 to 15 years. The institution aims to develop a socio-educational work, seeking to promote autonomy and guarantee the rights of children, adolescents and their families living in Capão Redondo, offering opportunities for leisure, education and knowledge acquisition, developing collective and individual skills that are indispensable for promoting citizenship and strengthening family and community ties.

Their work is based on:

– Tutoring in math, science, geography, history and Portuguese language

– Computer research

– Extra support in school projects

– English class every Saturday

– Guitar class every Saturday

– Martial Arts – Capoeira every Wednesday

– 140 receive lunch or snacks between activities

– Delivery of Food Baskets for families and bus transportation for them to go to work


– 120 children receive activities according to the age range

– 70 children from 7 to 12 years old attend tutoring classes

– 8 adolescents study English

– 5 adolescents play the guitars

– 20 play Capoeira

Registered under CNPJ nº 04.277.544/0001-56
Rua Catarina Mauad, 269 – Jardim das Palmeiras – São Paulo – SP – CEP 05883-020
São Paulo, SP
55 (11) 5872-6043 / 55(11)5872-1915
E-mail:  sonia_suzi@hotmail.com