Celebrate Brazil; Confronting Poverty





Kelly Santiago worked for many years in the field of Business Administration but always had a passion to work in the social service field. She is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. She has consistently displayed the compassion, vision and dedication to work with underprivileged children and families in Brazil with a goal of ensuring the basic conditions to live with dignity. She is one of the founders of Vila Isabel Society in 2006, the prior organization to Holding Hands With Brazil. Her incredible commitment and leadership has played an integral role in how far the organization has come, currently serving over 500 children and families. Kelly is focused on developing support within the Brazilian community in Vancouver.



Regina Cid has been a volunteer with Holding Hands with Brazil for over 10 years. She played many roles throughout her life, from engineering and science to healthcare and financing. She is passionate about social justice and empowering people.

She moved to Canada in 2006 and loves being with family and friends and also painting ceramics.


Dr. Erica Reznick is a registered Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in West Vancouver. Her therapeutic work spans over 25 years. Erica has worked on the Stress Free Schools project, bringing Transcendental Meditation into the school system. She has participated on anti-bullying programs in the schools for elementary children and adolescents. Formerly the vice-chair of the Diamond Heart Foundation and later the Garbha Foundation, Erica worked to bring programs to communities that bridge conventional and holistic healthcare education, addressing arts and healing, children and spirituality, and education. Erica was also featured in the book Waking Up the West Coast; Healers and Visionaries and was a selected Visionary for Shared Vision Magazine for her work with the Garbha Foundation (July, 2006).



Cordelia Lins joined HHWB in 2020. She is an entrepreneur with business in Canada and Brazil.  Her passion for equality, justice and fairness, has taken her to participate in several initiatives.

She moved to Canada in 1992, and loves being in the kitchen cooking for family and friends.  Travelling is also on top of her list.




Graduated in Business Administration and Postgraduate in Strategic Planning, she worked for 12 years in the Armed Forces of Brazil. She also volunteered in social organizations that carry out projects with children.
Currently retired from the Armed Forces, she volunteers with social projects in Brazil supporting low income families.

Elisabete Ferreira is focused on carrying out research on social projects that fit into the HOLDING HANDS WITH BRAZIL FOUNDATION mission. In addition, she seeks partners who can contribute to the Foundation’s actions in the struggle against social inequality in Brazil.



Graduated in Industrial Design with over 20 years of professional work in graphic design in the automotive industry. He lived in Canada between October 2017 and July 2018. During this period he had the pleasure of meeting people who were part of the Holding Hands with Brazil Foundation dedicating their time to help others in need. He did not hesitate to accept the invitation from Kelly Santiago and Thais Della Nina to volunteer for the foundation as a graphic designer. He has created the Logo, multiple graphic pieces and publicity materials for the organization. He intends to continue helping them for a long time…



Mariana is a Web Developer (Front-End) based in Vancouver, Canada, passionate about Education.
She has been performing enhancements related to responsiveness to the website and has also implemented new functionalities, such as a new donation system and a user subscription management.
She believes that we are all responsible for playing our role in the mission of offering better opportunities for our future generations.



Thaís Della Nina has more than 10 years of experience in the Marketing and Communication field. In Brazil, she studied Social Communication and got her Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Advertising. She lives in Canada since 2011, where she started work in Marketing for the International School for foreign students. In 2013, she started her own Exchange Agency:  Hi Bonjour . Last year, she met Kelly Santiago and she was really enthusiastic about this beautiful project “Holding Hands Brazil” (previously “Vila Isabel”). Thaís wants to help the organization to grow and achieve its goals, supporting more and more families each year in Brazil.